What if I could just Ctrl+Copy ALL of my Google Analytics data and Ctrl+Paste them anywhere I would like?


That would be great, certainly fun and probably very powerful!

Well… some people have already been doing this for a while.

The challenge: GA data are aggregated and not super suited for moving anywhere else. I’m not stating that you can’t move it already, but just that aggregated data has a lot of limitations. Behind the scenes, GA tracking data (hits) are counted, grouped, packed and stored in a fixed number of buckets. This is actually pretty smart and practical… when these buckets fit my certain needs.

The frustration: But if they don’t fit my needs?


The solution: SCITYLANA makes sure you can access the original hits and enables you to Ctrl+copy/paste non-aggregated GA data to a destination of your choice. We recommend everyone to store the data in a database and make some really great business decisions using your favorite visualization tool. We have already seen our customers using the hit level data in Microsoft Power BI and Excel. We hope to see it in Tableau and Data Studio soon too.

Psst…! You can try it here



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